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There's nothing worse than having the lights go out! When we finish an installation, our commitment doesn't end. We can still be on hand to service all the products we install, making sure you'll never be in the dark. This includes maintenence and on-going upgrades not only for lighting but also AV screens, and projectors in some of the most prestigeous companies in the UK including Harrods, Selfridges, Dior, Debenhams, Burberry, Unilever, Coca Cola,  to name a few.

Regular cleaning and dusting  of projector lenses, speaker grills, monitors, amplifiers, as well as removing dust from filters, oil build-ups will enhance the lifetime of expensive equipment, particularly in the retail environment. We offer a full technology product cleaning service, including destaticising screens at a time to suit you and your clients to ensure your equipment is always sparkling and performing at its maximum.



Annual Inspections.


An area often not taken into consideration is the necessity for statutory and manufacturers inspections. We can assist with motors, AV, sound and lighting equipment to ensure that your equipment is inspected within statutory requirements, and keep warrenties running to their maximum life

Refurbishment of techical equipment can be an economical way of extending a products life and reducing capital expenditure. Call us for advice so we can offer the most cost effective solution
Repairing and upgrading
Ineveitably there will be occasions when equipment ceases functioning despite regular maintenece and extended warranty, if we can't repair on site or in our work shops then we will advise you on the most cost effective way to upgrade
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