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We provide customers throughout the UK and Europe, with a great choice of lighting products, whether for entertainment, architectural, retail or industrial applications.


Our own MLT products include IGAR 2, Alaska 2, Tilelite, Cob Wash, Storm Wash, ORB, and Boxlite, and numerous one off's for our clients, who usually start the question with.. can you??? Usually the answer is "Yes we can"


We have recently been involved with the following, Battery powered remote projectors, dimmable LED Imitation Bomb aimers lights, Smoke filled reveal cabinets, UV re-active windows, 6 Storey Christmas light display, waterproof lighting panels for rally car garages, plug-in light fittings in engine inspection bays, 4,500 Coke bottles made into 3 video screens, largest suspended clock in the world, "Timeless", 24 Hour world map room divider, sound from windows, ............. the list goes on.


So whatever your lighting/custom built requirements please ask, we always try to pleasently surprise you


Underwater sculpture lighting, Car Logo in Laser skywriting, Holographic screen in reception area, Discrete window display lighting, Diamond jewellry display case.........


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Timeless Senator House.JPG
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