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MLT is the custom product arm of Mushroom Lighting, we manufacture small product runs, and custom produce lighting products that we can't find available from an existing manufacturer, although some products like IGAR 2 are now productionised although the range of customisation is extensive, from different colour temperatures to lamp power and beam width, each IGAR 2 product is made for the end users requirements.


Mushroom have made battery powered map reading lights for the National Trust, rechargeable clock displays, minature shelf lighting, LED indicator lamps, Pit under car working lights, car display lights, Stop/Start Lighting for the shooting at Olympics 2012. We have also made and installed photo reactive displays, timed lighting sequences, LED display lights built into a fitting, Snow flow controllers, window sound displays, the list is inexhaustive, the foregoing just a few plucked from the archives.


We always enjoy a challenge, we have well equipped workshops, so will tackle most prototyping, and with our associate companies and worldwide contacts can quickly ramp up to full scale production when required.

Alaska  2 Front quarter view.jpg
Alaska 003.jpg
_Media Card_BlackBerry_pictures_IMG00017-20090508-1345.jpg
50w LED floodlight.jpg
Floortile with added lighting fx.JPG
IGAR 2 Cutaway Demonstrator.JPG
1273677530_Par 16 Birdies.jpg
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